Bulova 96K101 SPECIAL EDITION Chronograph Automatic Apollo 15 Watch LIMITED QUANITY

From the Bulova Archive Series comes the freshly revisited Chronograph C. The Chronograph C is based on the watch that Bulova submitted to NASA in the “space race” to be considered as the official government-issued watch for the astronauts. (As history recalls, Bulova’s Chronograph C lost out to the Omega Speedmaster, which remains the watch in use by NASA to this day. Ironically, when the OMEGA Speedmaster did not function in space, it was a Bulova, carried by one of the astronauts, that saved the day.  In 1971, a Bulova chronograph was carried on board Apollo 15, the fourth mission to land men on the moon by mission commander David Scott. All twelve men who walked on the moon wore standard Omega Speedmaster watches that had been officially issued by NASA. Those watches are deemed to be government property. However, transcripts from the Apollo 15 Lunar Surface Journal attest to the fact that during his second excursion to the moon’s surface, the crystal on his Official Omega watch had popped out. So, during his third lunar walk, he used his backup Bulova watch.

Powered by a high-performance quartz chronograph movement, the watch features a bold red/white/blue dial and thick coin-edge case details, which take their design inspiration from the 1970s. The watch comes in a special-edition boxed presentation which includes two straps: stainless mesh and navy leather. The watch retails for $730